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Vendor: Paloalto Networks
Certifications: Paloalto Networks Systems Engineer
Exam Name: PSE Endpoint Professional Exam
Exam Code: PSE-Endpoint
Total Questions: 45

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Version: 8.0
Question: 21

Which two statements about troubleshooting installation and upgrade problems are true? (Choose two.)

A. A common cause of ESM Server installation problems is the failure to confirm connectivity to WildFire before running the installer.
B. A common cause of Traps endpoint agent installation problems is the failure to configure the SSL option correctly.
C. ESM Server services will shut down if they are not licensed within 24 hours of being started.
D. Use MSIEXEC with appropriate flags to get more logging detail at installation time.

Answer: AB

Question: 22

Traps endpoints send which three items directly to the ESM Server over port 2125 by default? (Choose three.)

A. Requests for software update packages
B. Verdict requests
C. WildFire malware reports
D. Exploit prevention dumps
E. Prevention events
F. Heartbeats

Answer: ACE

Question: 23

The Traps product and documentation use the terms “malware” and “exploit” in a very specific way. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Exploits attempt to take advantage of a vulnerability in code.
B. The primary vector for exploits is .exe files.
C. Malware consists of application data files containing malicious code.
D. Malware consists of malicious executable files that do not rely on exploit techniques.

Answer: AC

Question: 24

Which statement about Malware verdicts is true?

A. If WildFire is not available when the active ESM server tries to reach it for a verdict on a file, the endpoint will get a verdict from local analysis.
B. If the ESM server is not available when the Traps agent tries to reach it for a verdict on a file, the file status is marked as Benign.
C. The end user can use the Traps console to override a verdict of Malicious.
D. Local analysis verdicts take precedence over WildFire verdicts.

Answer: A

Question: 25

What does ROP stand for?

A. Return-Oriented Programming
B. Rules of Prevention
C. Restriction on Process
D. Retained Original Process

Answer: A

Question: 26

Which two of the following TLS/SSL configurations are valid in a Traps 3.4 deployment? Choose two correct answers.

A. ESM Server configured for TLS/SSL; endpoint configured for TLS/SSL
B. ESM Server NOT configured for TLS/SSL; endpoint configured for TLS/SSL
C. ESM Server configured for TLS/SSL; endpoint NOT configured for TLS/SSL
D. ESM Server NOT configured for TLS/SSL; endpoint NOT configured for TLS/SSL

Answer: AB

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