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Version: 9.1
Question: 1

You are setting up a switchless 2-node cluster. You must ensure that it is set up correctly. Which two commands would you execute to complete this task? (Choose two.)

A. cluster ha modify –configured true
B. not int modify –node –data
C. network options switchless –cluster modify true
D. net int create

Answer: A,C

Enabling cluster HA and switchless-cluster in a two-node cluster If you have a two-node switchless configuration that uses direct-cable connections between the nodes instead of a cluster interconnect switch, you must ensure that the switchless-cluster¬network option is enabled. This ensures proper cluster communication between the nodes.
Stepscluster ha modify -configured true
If storage failover is not already enabled, you will be prompted to confirm enabling of both storage failover and auto-giveback.
set -privilege advanced Confirm when prompted to continue into advanced mode. The advanced mode prompt appears (*>).
network options switchless-cluster show If the output shows that the value is false, you must issue the following command:
network options switchless-cluster modify true set -privilege admin
Reference: Enabling cluster HA and switchless-cluster in a two-node cluster

Question: 2

A customer learns that a certain NetApp tool allows remote data collection, intelligent core file handling, and notification of down storage controllers for technical support analysis and troubleshooting.
What is the name of this tool?

C. Synergy
D. HW Assist

Answer: A

Remote Support Agent (RSA) is a remote diagnostics data collector that is embedded directly into the storage controller’s remote management device firmware. Remote Support Agent enables a NetApp support engineer to remotely request an automated upload of log files, core files, and other diagnostic information stored in the storage controller and to remotely trigger an on-demand AutoSupport collection.
Incorrect: Not B: The Hardware Universe (HWU) application is NetApp’s system configuration solution. Not C: NetApp Synergy is a complete design, deployment and documentation tool. The program enables you to build a very accurate, detailed model of a NetApp storage system. You can represent most aspects of a storage deployment including the hardware configuration and the sizing of all storage containers, including aggregates, volumes, qtrees and LUNs.
Reference: Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2, Remote Support Agent Configuration Guide, Page 5

Question: 3

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What happens to the NTP configuration in clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 when a node joins a cluster?

A. A node that joins a cluster has a separate NTP service.
B. A node that joins a cluster automatically adopts the NTP configuration of the cluster.
C. A node that joins a cluster must be manually configured in the NTP.
D. A node that joins a cluster must reboot before running the NTP service.

Answer: B

A node that joins a cluster automatically adopts the NTP configuration of the cluster.
Reference: How to configure and troubleshoot NTP on clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 and later using CLI

Question: 4

You are assigned to install five DS2246 with twenty-four 400 GB SSDs per shelf to a single node system.
According the NetApp, which statement is correct?

A. You cannot install five SSD shelves to one System.
B. You need at least two stacks.
C. You need at least three stacks.
D. You can put all shelves in one stack.

Answer: D

Up to 10 shelves are supported per stack for the DS2246, so we one stack is enough as we only have five shelves (DS2246s).
Reference: Making the Move from FC to SAS Storage

Question: 5

Which three types of interface groups are supported on NetApp storage systems? (Choose three.)

A. single mode
B. HA interconnect
C. IPspaces
D. static multimode
E. dynamic multimode

Answer: A,D,E

You can create three different types of interface groups on your storage system: single-mode, static multimode, and dynamic multimode interface groups.
Reference: Types of interface groups

Question: 6

You have just configured the customer’s first SVM with a LIF IP The customer’s DNS IP address is and you are unable to ping it from the NetApp storage system, but you are able to ping the gateway and everything else works.
In this scenario what is the problem?

A. You need to have the DNS server on the same subnet as the LIF IP address.
B. You need to add a static gateway to the LIFs routing group.
C. You need to have the customer check the cable.
D. You need to add an IPspace and domain broadcast to the port.

Answer: D

A broadcast domain resides in an IPspace, and it contains a group of network ports, potentially from many nodes in the cluster, that belong to the same layer 2 network. The ports in the group are used in an SVM for data traffic.
Reference: Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3, Network Management Guide, page 8